Fashion Craze

Fashion Craze - Download shop game
Download Fashion Craze - Download shop game
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Fashion Craze

All journalists should feel what they write about, that's why Maria, a fashion writer, becomes a shop manager in a clothes shop. Help her receive much experience and keep all customers satisfied in this cool game Fashion Craze! Maria's aunt left for some time and chose her young niece to rule the business. After a short tutorial you are the only responsible for the shop's income. Hundreds of clients will overflow your store looking for fashion and style, don't disappoint them! Challenge your reaction and flexibility and check how good you are in relations with people. The main target is to keep clients happy thus getting more tips. To achieve that you have a number of means to choose. Give them little presents to call for a happy smile on faces or please them with a cup of hot coffee. Lend a toy car to a boy so that he could play instead of annoying everyone in the area. To beat Fashion Craze you will need much more skills than you expect. Be a psychological expert and seat the customers in a proper way to keep them feel better and flirt with each other. Mix appearance of Maria to make the clients smile in front of her and customize the whole shop to your liking. Your assistant is a great professional so don't be shy adding more and more orders to her sewing machine. A huge number of clothing, colors and accessories are available throughout four seasons in this highly dynamic 3D game. Just download Fashion Craze free of charge for another thrilling experience that will rock your head!


Download Fashion Craze - Download shop game Download Fashion Craze - Download shop game Download Fashion Craze - Download shop game


48 captivating levels
A whole year to satisfy customers
A bunch of colors for different clothing
10 unique customers
Over 20 stylish accessories
No limits and no restrictions
Download shop game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista
Processor 1 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
64 Mb of video memory
DirectX 9.0
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