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Tasty Jigsaw: Happy Hour
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Tasty Jigsaw: Happy Hour

Try tasty treats and visit ancient Greece in the amazing puzzle game Tasty Jigsaw: Happy Hour! Are you fond of breathtaking myths of ancient Greece about the Three Sisters of Fate, Theseus and the Minotaur, or maybe your favorite one is the myth about Pandora's Box? Here you will have a lot of fun by assembling jigsaws from a multitude of pieces and studying history in 500 high-quality photos. Set a difficulty for each puzzle to suit you and save your progress at any time! Simple controls and a bunch of both hints and tools will make the game more comfortable. Keep in mind that Tasty Jigsaw: Happy Hour is accessible both to new players and true professionals in the puzzle game genre so everybody can play it and get smarter! Set off a marvelous journey to Greece without leaving home!