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Gnome's Garden: Christmas Story
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Gnome's Garden: Christmas Story

Help the princess get back the stolen gifts and save the holiday in the game Gnome's Garden: Christmas Story! All the people of Gnomeland have been preparing for a double celebration – Christmas alongside the triumphant coronation of the princess. Preparations marched on day and night. A troll lived nearby, and the constant sawing and hammering disturbed his rest. Infuriated, he and his henchmen stole the Christmas tree. The princess vowed to return it and set off with her loyal friends in search. Help her cope with such an undertaking mission! Secrets, mystical creatures, mysterious events – all this awaits you in the casual strategy game Gnomes Garden: Christmas Story. Many varied quests, over 40 levels, a captivating plot, simple and entertaining gameplay, and an unusual universe – all this awaits you right now. Launch the game and celebrate the holidays in Gnome's Garden: Christmas Story!