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The Enchanting Islands
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The Enchanting Islands

Do you like magic games? And what about The Enchanting Islands? These 5 magnificent lands have always attracted people's attention from all over the world. Full of green lush grass, bright juicy fruits, big tall trees, tomentous bushes and lianas each of the islands was the best and the most beautiful place on the planet. They decorated the Earth with gorgeous views which were special gifts and big surprises for those who came there, and many exotic animals and unique birds lived deep in them. Still nobody knew for sure how many sacred treasures were hidden in those places. Everything used to be so peaceful. But one day a terrible witch charmed The Enchanting Islands and blossoming woods and lawns became deserted and unattractive. It seemed nobody could help them and their sufferings would last forever. But there was a chance to rescue. Have you got any idea what to do? If you want to give the life back to these islands you'll have to collect alchemic ingredients - tasty bananas and sweet strawberries, fragrant bellflowers and chamomiles and many other things which will be of great use. With young magician you'll make combinations of them to destroy a monster and clean the game field of rubbish and net. Beware of his toxic breath that deprives you of your strength. Reading special magic lines will improve the situation - it's even simpler than collecting beans. They will stop the volcanoes and the mist will disappear. The flowers like tulips will take their places among the grass again. Save The Enchanting Islands right now!