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Elven Mists 2
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Elven Mists 2

Little but very mighty - that's what you can say about elves' race and you will be right! For ages their help was given even to gods. In Elven Mists 2 they all live in a mist of secret abracadabra and they can be very quick when they need. Living near water and protected by their own god they are weak, too. This time they were locked in flowers by some evil forces and you need to set them free. Your part is to become an elf-liberator and break the spell put on them. The route you follow is lying through the old enchanted forest which abounds with conspicuous views and is rich in vegetation, animals and…tiny mushrooms. The mushrooms are inhabited by small creatures that are captured and need help at the moment. You use special magical strictures that can be combined and destructed. Thus you let them fly again and earn some points. The main goal of the game Elven Mists 2 is to arrange the blocks so that they build a row and vanish. You will face lots of obstacles such as bewitched plants, stumps and even pots full of gold that will be yours. Pay attention to the color and the structure shape - you mustn't leave empty spots otherwise you lose. Elves are famous for their speed and dexterity so prove you are fast and artful, too! Follow Elven Mists 2 and discover the world of white magic and secret spells, dazzling beauty of the forest and tortuous paths that lead you into the deep. Feel the jimjams when you enter the land of mystic edge. Unforgettable emotions today - download the game now!