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Elias The Mighty
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Elias The Mighty

Elias The Mighty is the greatest hero of Russian epic stories. Now you have a chance to feel like a really strong man and perform feats! There are lots of puzzles for you to solve. After each of them you'll learn a lot of new things about Russian folk characters. During the game you have to fill in the holes with the help of corresponding subjects. If you manage to put the figures of the same color in a row, you'll get extra points. The more things are put together, the more aces you get. Collect jewels and buy items that are necessary to go through the level successfully. Above all, you should remember that the power of your hero is gradually decreasing. Don't forget to feed him and support with the vital force. You can discard a useless thing, but this will take the energy of you hero away. Keep in mind that to complete the level you are to be fast and attentive. If you don't rich the target score you will lose! Elias The Mighty is a game with a wonderful thematic soundtrack that brings you to the magic world of the ancient tales. There are lots of power-ups that help you. Obtain them filling the gap in which they are located. For instance, if you are lucky to get sunglass, the game will be stopped for a while. The wand, however, allows you to fill any gap with the current color and the scroll is a kind of hint that will show you the holes where you can place the symbols. Feel the spirit of Russian culture with Elias The Mighty! Download this exciting game right now absolutely for free! Accomplish good feats!