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Diamond Drop 2
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Diamond Drop 2

Welcome under the ground where Gary the Mole has his own mining business and supplies the entire neighborhood with fabulous gems and ready-made jewellery! Diamond Drop 2 is a 3-mode game with lots of obstacles and numerous levels. What a fantastic story is waiting for you - you see how the mole develops his business and communicates with the other animals. There are lots of characters and between the levels you'll get a new portion of information. Diamond Drop 2 has lots of surprises inside! There are dreamlike gems that the Mole catches and throws back with your help to build a row and clear them. Every row goes onto the scale to make a piece of jewellery for the client. The time is limited and new gems appear from up above every second so a gamer should definitely be quick to make a decision. After a while there come new complications - bonus magic snails that multiply gems, rocks and coal falling on you, acorn guns that help you destruct rows quicker - no time for boredom! Serve the client the best way and show your loyalty, develop the business buying new items between the levels. Each item makes your customer feel special - special gloves, polishing liquid for gems, wrapping paper and present boxes. Diamond Drop 2 increases your involvement every next level. The further you go the faster you should think and move gems, otherwise the time will run out and you start anew. This game is definitely for those who like both action and brain work, who enjoy developing the skills. Download for free now and enjoy the game about the jewelries!