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Detective Riddles. Sherlocks Heritage 2
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Detective Riddles. Sherlocks Heritage 2

Become a world-known detective and solve the brain twisting puzzles with the game Detective Riddles. Sherlocks Heritage 2! Are you fond of Japanese crosswords? Then this game is definitely ideal for you! But the logic game Detective Riddles. Sherlocks Heritage 2 will impress not only fans of Japanese crosswords, but everyone who is eager to train the brain! This type of crosswords, also known as nonograms or Japanese griddles, was invented in Japan not long ago – at the end of the 20th century. The players will notice an evident discrepancy: despite the name “crossword” there are no words there, only numbers. Actually, at the very beginning such puzzles were just an additional task to the ordinary crosswords. In the wonderful game Detective Riddles. Sherlocks Heritage 2 you can choose between two modes: Training or Adventure. If you want to warm up first, then go ahead and choose Training mode, where there is a wide choice of tasks both for beginners and experts. In the Adventure mode you need to solve one case after another, coping with Japanese griddles. While solving the case, it is necessary to gain a certain number of stars. The faster you pass the level, the fewer mistakes you make and the less hints you use, the more scores and stars you get. At the beginning of each level, you will get the game advice, try to remember all the pieces of advice to cope with tasks effectively! Do you want to become a famous detective and cope with the most difficult and cunning puzzles? Then try the fascinating brain-teaser Detective Riddles. Sherlocks Heritage 2! You will sink into atmosphere of true-to-life investigation with the help of thoroughly chosen music and puzzles which get more and more complicated at every level. The playing field consists of columns and lines, in front of which the numbers are written. These numbers indicate how many cells are filled in the line or column. You need to remember that it is better to start from the numbers that equal the number of cells in a row, because this means that all the cells are filled. Another useful hint is that group of numbers are divided by at least one empty cell. Indicate the empty cells by clicking on the right mouse button, and the filled ones – by clicking on the left button. Some rows can be completely empty, then 0 will be written in front of them. Another important thing: never try to guess. Use only logic to determine which cells are filled. If you try guessing, even one error can spread over the entire playing field and ruin the solution. You will get coins for solving the puzzles. Try collecting as much coins as you can, and then you can buy bonuses in a Shop, such as: “2 starting hints”, “Right for a mistake” or “Refill the hints on this level”. The board game Detective Riddles. Sherlocks Heritage 2 is made for those, who want to spend time usefully even while having rest, as this charming game not only helps to relax, but also trains logic and attentiveness. You will get tremendous awards for the achievements! For example, when you finish Case 1 you will get Detective Globe; if you pass 5 levels in raw without mistakes, you will be called Sharp Eye! Complete 80 levels with 3 stars and Golden Star will be yours. Or solve any Japanese griddle in less than 30 seconds, and get the prize Puzzle against the clock. And, finally, when you collect all the trophies, you will be awarded with the main one – Detective’s Hat! Will you be able to achieve such a difficult goal? Get ready for the most exciting adventure with the game Detective Riddles. Sherlocks Heritage 2!