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The Book of Desires
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The Book of Desires

Help Ashley get out of the nightmare world in the mysterious game The Book of Desires! Get ready for a dark adventure with this gorgeous Hidden Object game! After Ashley witnesses her parents’ quarrel she is very upset. As a result she sees a nightmare. She is trapped in a parallel world with skeletons and ghosts. All of them are talking about some Book of Desires. Ashley hopes it is just a dream. But the next day she meets a stranger in a bookstore, who presents a magic book to the girl. You are simply to right down your wish in the book and the wish will come true immediately. So Ashley writes she doesn't want her parents to quarrel, and this is how her adventures start. Help her survive in the parallel world and find the way out of it in the exciting game The Book of Desires! Choose the game mode: the Normal one (the hints will charge quickly and active objects will shimmer) or the Expert one (the hints will charge slower and you won't see the active objects). You will search for the hidden objects, solve puzzles and fix broken mechanisms using necessary tools from the inventory. You will travel to a World of Unfulfilled Dreams where the prisoners of their own desires live. Help them escape from this god forsaken place! Defeat the evil book-keeper and set everyone free! And remember that only the person with a pure heart can cope with the sacred mission in the game The Book of Desires!