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Crusaders of Space
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Crusaders of Space

When the beloved planet is in danger, you don't have time to hesitate and calculate the percentage of possible success. You rush to your small and old spaceship which sides have already been attacked by corrosion, jump into it and become one of the saviors in the space game Crusaders of Space. These noble people are never afraid of the enemies. From time to time they eliminate hordes of enemies working alone, without anybody's help. In the stunning game Crusaders of Space you'll find yourself in the similar situation. You know that the Earth's forces were exhausted by the long war and have no more resources to continue it. You are the only hope for the Universe to survive. Beat off the crowds of invaders and save your planet! Don't be afraid – you can always upgrade your tiny spaceship and collect useful armor. Just choose the level of difficulty (Easy, Medium or High) and start the battle immediately! Collect the items which fall on you when one of the enemies is defeated and become invulnerable for several seconds. Or upgrade your weapon to complete the level even faster. Don't hesitate to collect the heal shields and additional coins as well. All these bonuses increase your chance to pass all the levels successfully! Download the awesome game Crusaders of Space right now totally for free and become the hero for several generations! Do your best to get rid of the aliens and live in peace on our beloved planet Earth!