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Coffee Rush 2
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Coffee Rush 2

Cruel coffee magnate is back to ruin everything you've created and offer the citizen the coffee and services of the lowest quality! You mission is to stop him as soon as possible. After your business was set on fire start everything from the very beginning. Attract customers with tasty and flavored coffee and earn money to fulfill the level. Prove you are an expert in the stunning Coffee Rush 2 game and win the expert mode collecting as much cash as possible. The visitors are waiting for their order so you have to rush to please them all. Make combos of 3 or more necessary ingredients and serve the drink to the tired customers. See what you need most collecting sugar, coffee beans, milk and cream. Click on the dollars to earn even more cash and get powerful bonuses. Sometimes you come across a magic port which makes a full horizontal and a vertical line disappear if you click on it! Prove there are no borders for you in the awesome Coffee Rush 2 game! Don't forget to please your customers with doughnuts and lollipops and they provide you with more and more cash. After the level is finished you can create a new recipe to attract even more clients. Just fill the reservoirs with necessary stuff and a new delicious cocktail is ready. Switch between slow and fast modes whenever you like it and get maximum pleasure from the game. Download the fast Coffee Rush 2 game absolutely for free and beat the evil! Build your cafes all over the city and serve the best coffee ever!