Coconut Queen

Coconut Queen - Download beach game
Download Coconut Queen - Download beach game
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Coconut Queen

What is Coconut Queen about? When the weather becomes warm and friendly and the sea looks so charming then attractive people try to shake off all their everyday duties and go to the beach to relax enjoying the most pleasant moments in their life. But there are not so many places to have the rest like this. The whole holiday may sometimes be spoiled with poor service: broken sun loungers and waterslides which don't work bring no satisfaction to those who're sick and tired of their work and want to spend time in peace and comfort. So they often have to look for some distant resorts to get an opportunity to have a good rest. Still not all the beaches are so badly-equipped: Coconut Queen will prove the clients that the resorts for the perfect rest do exist. It'll also teach you how to organize your time-table as a businessman and a resort-runner. Of course, there is nothing easy in looking after the beach crowded with people every day and nothing can become ideal at once. But there are some rules following which you'll manage to save the reputation of your business and please the visitors so that they'll come again and again inviting their relatives and friends as well as bringing money. To get really big sums you'll have to work hard and control everything. Equipment can't be good forever, it needs fixing from time to time so you'll have to control your workers and make them repair broken things before the visitors see it. Put umbrellas, set new tents and get money for them in Coconut Queen.


Download Coconut Queen - Download beach game Download Coconut Queen - Download beach game Download Coconut Queen - Download beach game


Run your own business
Create a peaceful atmosphere
Make use of all buildings
Pass through each of 30 levels
Download beach game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
1 Gb RAM
16 Mb of video memory
DirectX 7.0
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