City Mysteries 2

City Mysteries 2
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City Mysteries 2

Have you always dreamt of a world tour where you can visit cities, see all the sights and get to know the amazing facts about each city? In the puzzle City Mysteries 2 you have a chance to visit 4 greatest cities – Toronto, Mexico, Honolulu and Washington. Here you are to solve 3 types of puzzle and reveal new facts about each of the city. Choose the game mode and find lost items from the list the soonest possible. You will also try to find objects according to their silhouettes and match the tiles in the correct order to get a picture. Have a perfect workout for your logic and attention in the game City Mysteries 2 - you’ll get points for each found item and lose them if choosing a wrong one. Play the game City Mysteries 2, explore the cities and have hours of unforgettable fun!
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Download City Mysteries 2 Download City Mysteries 2 Download City Mysteries 2


Casual and Timed modes
Mix of 3 types of puzzle
Challenging levels
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.2 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0
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