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Charma is the name of the land where extraordinary creatures live! They are not just fluffy, funny and amazingly kind but also courageous! After the evil magician took their Realm and destroyed it they could no longer stay aside! Little charmies united their forces and decided to teach their enemy a good lesson! Charma is a great game for those who love to fight for freedom and save humble. The colorful and picturesque Kingdom of Charma is attacked and all of us should help its citizens to escape from slavery. You have a map with all the dangerous routes for you to follow. First you go through hot waterfalls, afterwards travel through a picturesque valley and at the end you find yourself in the treasury. The game is full of secrets. Bonus items are given to you to make it easier and more captivating. You have to match Charmies according to their color. They are walking in a row so you have to be attentive and move them quickly. Sometimes Charmies are very slow so you can hurry them a little and make the gameplay more dynamic. The more combinations you get and the longer they are - the better the score is and the sooner you get a new task. This Match 3 game won't leave you indifferent. The reason is simple - the Charmies are awesome and amusing. And now they are in danger and your time is limited, so hurry up! Charma is a really adorable game with entertaining plot, dynamic gameplay and well-done graphics. You will definitely find lots of advantages and tricks inside and have fun!