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Caroline's Garden
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Caroline's Garden

Caroline's Garden is a modern story of a young gardener taking care of the most beautiful gardens with a long history. There is a map given at the beginning of the game and you can see all the spheres of its life - labor, leisure activities and health care spots. There is a great similarity between Nano's life and our modern living conditions. You have to take care of the young man and see carefully how he feels and what he needs. You can enter various locations and new places will be opened for you after a while. Your primary goal is to collect flowers and merge them, water the vegetation in the gardens, sell the flowers and watch the insects. Caroline's Garden is a fine life simulation game with lots of opportunities and a great chance to organize the life of a hard-working gardener, earn money and spend his free time in a clever way. There are so many chances to entertain in the city. In Alun-alun you can participate in the festival of flowers, in the bar you can chat with people about work and ask for advice, there are lots of things to do - including various sports. There are scales given to you and you can monitor the data about the health, energy level and commercial success of the young man. You are given tools and tasks so go ahead and prove you are the most professional worker in the city! Caroline's Garden is an entertaining way to train your time management and business skills. Download now and take care of the plants and flowers to gain the fame of the best gardener!

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