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Call of Atlantis
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Call of Atlantis

Have you heard the Call of Atlantis? It's an old story that happened many years ago. Once upon a time there was a large and prosperous land called Atlantis. It was rich and beautiful so its people were happy to live there, spend their time gathering fruit, walking in the forests and enjoying their life on this wonderful land. Everything used to be so harmonious and the fairy-tale seemed to be endless. But one day the gods felt people started to take all the things they had as a matter of course and had forgotten how fragile the happiness was. That's why an awful magic was sent to this land. Of course, it was an unexpected punishment and nobody could predict it. Believe it or not, Atlantis went under the waters. Poseidon's anger was awful. The large territory vanished at once leaving no shadow. So if you're ready to answer the Call of Atlantis let's begin right now! During its existence Atlantis had created a huge collection of valuable artifacts that disappeared together with their civilization. You'll have to find all of them. It'll be a real challenge for you. The game fields will contain 7 kinds of crystals and to free their energy you'll combine them in three. Besides, parts of the ancient treasures are hidden there also. Your task is to mix them so that you could lead these parts to the bottom of the field. You'll be able to end the level by collecting all the pieces and getting the artifacts. Interesting mini-games and puzzles where you have to look for various objects brighten the whole process. Listen to the Call of Atlantis and succeed.