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BallBuster Collection
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BallBuster Collection

BallBuster Collection is another incredible game with lots of levels and bonus ideas that we like in classical brick-breaking games! Ancient themes, various ages and epochs in the background make it look sophisticated and out of this world. The main objective of the game is to clear the board from the objects. Remember, the more you destruct the more bonus items you get. You need to bounce the ball with a paddle that changes its shape occasionally and has various options. Ball or balls can also be of various sizes and types. They can triple or gain more destruction power if you catch the power-ups fast enough. They can slow down or move quicker. There are also weapons available to destruct even more every single second. The game process is easy and entertaining. The levels are unpredictable in the way of new challenges. Bombs, lasers, additional lives - all is available while you play. BallBuster Collection is full of 3D amazing effects and astonishing picturesque backgrounds as well as camera angles. Constant action, endless playtime, colorful design - everything is provided here! Join the exciting process of BallBuster Collection and score points easily nonstop! The game it free now and enjoyable ever. A huge number of levels with increasing difficulty as well as new power-ups and turns will definitely entertain you. Any gamer who wants a relaxing and interesting brain-racking playtime - are welcomed here for more experience! 4 different locations to travel to and miscellaneous tricky levels ahead are waiting for you right now!