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Asian Riddles
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Asian Riddles

Are you fond of logical puzzles? Then a game Asian Riddles is for you! You are to mark which cells on a playing field are empty and which are filled. Use a cross to mark the empty cells and a tick for the filled ones. The numbers in front of the rows and columns will give you a hint. At the very beginning the tutorial will help you understand all the rules. The more levels you solve the bigger the playing field will get. You are allowed to make only two mistakes, so be attentive! You can use hints, but their number is limited. Collect special coins to buy an extra hint. If you solve the puzzle quickly and without making mistakes you will get 3 stars for the level. There are 9 different rooms with lots of puzzles in them. For completing each room you will get wonderful trophies! For instance, you will get Blooming Lotus for passing all levels in Room 1, and Red Phoenix for completing Room 4. You can also earn a trophy for different achievements. You will get a Master Scroll for passing 40 levels with 3 stars. Will you be able to collect all the trophies? In the game Asian Riddles there is a truly oriental atmosphere. The relaxing music will accompany you as you play. Sometimes the matched cells make an image: a heart, a kettle, etc. Use your logic and solve all the tricky oriental puzzles prepared for you in the game Asian Riddles!