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Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby
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Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby

Explore the ancient castle to reveal the criminal in the beautiful game Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby! Are you fond of detective stories where you are to join the brave detective while he is doing his best to disguise a criminal? Lots of ancient-old crimes are waiting for a smart detective to be revealed and here you are to cope with one of them! In the nice hidden object game Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby you will join the pretty yet smart girl Ashley Clark who is at all pains to throw light upon the strange kidnappings. She was at the crime scene and took part at investigation, and while she was working, one of the evidence, the ruby pendant start sparkling. She took it into hands and appeared in the marvelous yet a bit sinister castle. What’s happened there and why there are so many skeletons everywhere? Help her understand why the pendant transferred her to this castle and what had happened there centuries ago. At first, Ashley appeared in the prison. Find a way to get out of there! Use all the items at hand to find a puzzle on the castle wall and solve it. Do your best to find the decision yourself and try not to skip puzzles and other mini-games to have a perfect workout for your brains! Soon you get acquainted to a funny skeleton Casio who was the guard of the castle owners earlier, listen to his advice, he can tell something useful. There are lots of locations for you to explore in the breathtaking game Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby! A beautiful garden, gorgeous chambers and of course eerie things like basement and cellar. What happened to all the inhabitants of the castle and where are all the kidnapped people from our century? There are lots of ghosts in the castle, who are they and what’s happened to them? Help Ashley to reveal the truth and set old ghosts free and turn the newbies into people again! Who was the criminal and where does he get powers to new crimes? Help Ashley to discover it and destroy the evil powers of this ruby pendant in the game Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby!