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Enjoy numerous levels of captivating puzzles in the game Art API! Are you ready to accept the challenge and check your skills in solving addictive puzzles? All of us want to escape from the daily routine and the best way to combine pleasure and use is to play the game Art API. There are lots of levels with amazing puzzles, so put all your activities aside to join the adventure! Don’t be scared, you won’t be alone, pretty Lucy will always be at hand to help you cope with all the difficulties. At the first puzzle you’ll learn the mechanics: move the disc fragments with the help of the left mouse button. You are to combine a picture by placing the fragments in a correct order and make a picture. At the end you’ll get an amazing forest landscape. The next puzzle will show you a several discs that you are to combine in such a way to make a picture. Keep in mind that a single slice is reacting to moving another one. On the third puzzle you aim is to help the sorcerer make a fireball, the beautiful graphics will entertain all the players without fail. Look at the puzzle on a different angle and check your logic skills and the speed of reaction! The quicker you cope with the puzzle – the quicker you’ll play another level. All of them are not easy at all, besides maybe the first level. So the further you go the more fragments you’ll get to combine. Forget about shooters with creepy monsters and long hidden object games where you are to come back to the previous locations again and again. Launch the game Art API to admire the colorful pictures of animals and nature landscapes and get to your final goal – boost your logic skills for free. See if you can solve all the levels or not! You can always replay them if you have difficulties. Everything is up to you, compete with yourself – it’s much more complicated than to compete with opponents. Play the game Art API and become the master of puzzles!