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Alice In Wonderland Extended Edition
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Alice In Wonderland Extended Edition

Are you often feel bored? Even the characters of the fairytales suffer from drowsy boredom! But there are lots of things that can easily save you from melancholy. The best thing is your imagination, with its help you can travel all over the world staying at home, visit far countries where people walk on hands and wander in dense evergreen forests with rare birds and unknown kinds of animals. Alice Lidell was an inveterate traveler and she could tell you a lot about far picturesque valleys and bright sweet-voiced birds…she was well-known as a dreamer and nobody took her seriously. But white rabbit in a frock coat with heavy golden watch is not a fiction. Absolutely not! Play the game Alice In Wonderland Extended Edition and follow the white rabbit! Meet odd inhabitants of the Wonderland, visit the Mad Hatter, join his whimsical tea party and survive the weirdest adventure in your life- take part in the royal croquet, but may God save you from the victory! The Red Queen won't put up with the defeat and you will be executed as a fraud. The game Alice In Wonderland Extended Edition is the godsend for the admirers of Lewis Carroll and his novel, so the weird and wonderful journey is waiting for you! Download the game Alice In Wonderland Extended Edition, find magical objects, unravel the jigsaw puzzles and travel around the Wonderland! Do you want to dive into the miraculous world? Just follow the white rabbit and have fun!