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Aerie: Spirit of the Forest
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Aerie: Spirit of the Forest

Take on the mantle of a protective spirit in Aerie: Spirit of the Forest, a new and fun tactical strategy game. Ravaged by disaster, the land of Shangri-La has become a desolate and dead place. You must guide Aerie, a nature spirit, and her band of will-o-wisps as they seek to restore the natural wonders of her homeworld. Trek through forests and swamps and over the distant snow-capped mountain peaks of Shangri-La as you use your magic to restore the world. In Aerie: Spirit of the Forest, you must carefully manage your resources as you work to restore balance to the ecosystem. Waken gophers, heal the ancient oaks, ford raging rivers and more as you try to find the resources you need to heal the wounds of nature. Shangri-La is depending on you to make the right choices! Only then can the idyllic beauty of the land be restored. The critters need your help and guidance to know what needs to be done as you race against the clock. Play through all thirty five levels again and again as you attempt to figure out the perfect balance that will restore the land in least amount of time possible. The environmentally friendly storyline of Aerie: Spirit of the Forest is perfect for young children!