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Action Ball Deluxe
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Action Ball Deluxe

This game has been created for those who like to use ball as an eliminating device, those who want to have relaxing time, and those who need great fun. To tell you the truth, Action Ball Deluxe is a kind of arcade game that fits everybody independently on age and social status. Enjoy the outstanding 3D visuals and dynamic gameplay that is full of explosions and debris. This game is quite different from all you are used to due to its special tasks and level bosses. Here you must not only destroy blocks, but also get rid of importunate robots that appear to build more blocks and prevent you from winning the level. Get an extra life for destroying every 15 of them! Play this awesome Action Ball Deluxe if you're tired of typical game conditions, for here you will find a lot of unique things you could only dream of. Original triangle and circle blocks make ball trajectory really unpredictable and you must maximize reaction to catch this little jumping bullet. Destroy all you see on the screen using a machine gun or a cannon, make your ball a terminator feeling no barriers. Launch robotseeker missiles to set robots aside from any corner of the screen! A total of 28 bonuses and power-ups are hidden inside the blocks so be free to pick them up after you perform some destruction. Dynamic music will raise your mood whether you play original or deluxe levels. Stop searching for something unique and funny, just download this thrilling action game Action Ball Deluxe for free and enjoy it as long as you want!