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4x4 Dream Race
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4x4 Dream Race

4x4 Dream Race is a captivating game of ring races on an offroadster with enormous wheels. Your car is extremely powerful and fast with maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour! 4x4 Dream Race will definitely tackle your nerves even if you are an experienced driver! Before you sit behind the wheel don't forget to customize your monstrous four-by-four truck. You can choose from 10 personal styles and colors. To begin with, choose the game mode. If you are new to ring races, choose the Training one in which there are 4 races to practice your skills. But if you've played such games before you can choose the Race mode in which you will compete with the others. Try to become one of the top three! Only then you will be able to continue to the next level. There are a lot of obstacles on your way: fences, hills, stones and barrels. It is very easy to get off the road as it is extremely bumpy and there are many sharp turns. But try to stay on the road in order not to miss all the checkpoints. In 4x4 Dream Race you have to constantly keep an eye on the road and be ready for a difficult maneuver any second. The races are very dynamic so this game will definitely get you excited. Controlling the truck is an easy and even intuitive task. You can also use turbo to increase the speed. Just press the shift button and you're faster than the wind! If you feel that there isn't enough risk and adrenaline in your everyday life, the overwhelming game 4x4 Dream Race is just for you! So download and enjoy!

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