2 Fast Driver

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2 Fast Driver

Daredevils from the latest movies can't be compared to you! Super cool girls are shouting with delight when they see you! Everybody is envious of your car! It an up-to-date well-equipped vehicle ready for anything in 2 Fast Driver. The game consists of numerous varying in scenery levels where you can show you skills. The level is never easy, you have lots of rivals and you've got to be cooler! Racing is not a serious sport - who said that! Only you know how risky it is to go through the crowd of cars to the finish line and how dangerous every turn can be. But you are never scared, are you? Otherwise you should have stayed on the stands with all those people who cannot drive properly! Feel the thrill of night racings; blow your engine with speed and extreme reaction! 2 Fast Driver is your game - don't miss a chance to become a part of the history! Various locations and noise from cars are waiting for the game to start - isn't that thrilling and blood-boiling! Choose one of the models offered and refine your style after a while. See what's new in the world of huge engines and crazy drivers. Take the first step and then you will never regret. Go through various stages and be the first, be the best, let them respect you. What can be better than being the champion of today! Forget about your everyday problems and feel the thrill of unsurpassed driving. 2 Fast Driver - never too fast!


Download 2 Fast Driver - Play driving games Download 2 Fast Driver - Play driving games Download 2 Fast Driver - Play driving games


Creative routes
New sceneries
Endless playtime
Stylish car models
True to life sounds and effects
Unbelievable animation
Dynamic soundtrack
Play driving games - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1
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