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Zen Mosaics
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Zen Mosaics

Restore and cultivate the charming garden and solve all nonograms in the tricky game Zen Mosaics! Your aim is to restore and cultivate the beautiful garden which is now devastated. Plant flowers and bushes, restore the fountain, make butterflies fly all around. But you have to solve a lot of nonograms to cope with the task. Are you ready to give your brain some exercise with the interesting game Zen Mosaics? Nonograms, also known as Japanese Crosswords, are logic puzzles in which cells must be colored or left blank. In the end the picture will reveal on the game board if you solve the nonogram. It can be a cactus, a heart, a snowflake or even sand glass! You will see numbers written near columns and rows. They indicate how many filled squares there are in a row or a column. Mind that the number of mistakes you can make is limited. Besides, the faster you cope with the puzzles the more scores you get. A lot of power-ups are waiting for you! Get the Hammer power-up and you will be able to use it on any square to check if it is empty or not. The power-up with a cross on it allows you to make one more mistake. The Crystal will give you an extra hint. Visit different locations: the high-rocked mountain or the green valley. Solve all the puzzles and restore the garden in the wonderful game Zen Mosaics!

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