Youda Fisherman

Youda Fisherman
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Youda Fisherman

Accept the challenge, help Leo run his fish-processing company and get profit! Build ships, hire schooners for fishing and produce tinned tuna and delicious filleted fish. Refill your ship’s tank with oil and go on fishing! Show your skills at management and buy special plans for building factories and upgrades for ships. You have a lot of mission, cope with them lightning fast and get extra gold and scores. Exchange fish products for timber and other resources to build factories in the game Youda Fisherman! You will get various achievements, try to collect all of them and you’ll be a success. Join dangerous sea battles in the game Youda Fisherman and teach cunning pirates a good lesson!


Download Youda Fisherman Download Youda Fisherman Download Youda Fisherman


Interesting plot
Dynamic gameplay
Nice graphics
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.2 Ghz or better
1 Gb RAM
DirectX 9.0
based on

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