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Wu Hing: The Five Elements
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Wu Hing: The Five Elements

Think of the old Chinese philosophy and harmony principles - they are revealed in Wu Hing: The Five Elements. The game is a tournament which contains many steps that you must follow. To defeat the opponent you have to be wiser and foresee his moves. Playing together will open new opportunities for you as a gamer. It's an eternal fight that thrills and makes you think about another one, too. Like in a chess match the strategy matters a lot. You are given five basic universal elements that are connected with each other. They are to be put in the cells and combined together in a special way. The order is really important. There must be special combinations and moves that will transform, shift and finally destroy the elements boards. The goal is to destroy more elements of various types. Want extra points? Win the game! Thus the process is full of challenges and you never know what your rival is doing next. Wu Hing: The Five Elements is a good strategic training for those who really adore puzzles and battlefield posture. Show your skills and intellectual level in a game that is really worth trying. The process is breathtaking, the picture is a traditional Chinese one and the music will bring the memories of past back. This time you are downloading something really incredible. Not a simple game indeed and a very well-designed one. Wu Hing: The Five Elements will surprise you with the style and extraordinary compelling plot, various moves and the story which is very memorable.