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World Riddles: Animals
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World Riddles: Animals

Have you ever dreamt about travelling all over the world? World Riddles: Animals gives you this opportunity! Get ready - you are going to a catching trip! 7 continents are waiting for you. Each of them keeps lots of mini-games and puzzles. Solving them, you'll be able to know many interesting facts about the animals that live on this or that continent. You are fond of Japanese crosswords? Your skills will help you a lot in World Riddles: Animals. Starting every level of the game you get practical advices and detailed instruction. Opening the puzzle cell by cell, you have to find where the globes are hidden. Break the empty bricks with a hammer. Be careful, you shouldn't overshoot! The figures on the marginal will help you. If you have doubts, you may use a hint. After every level you get three medals. For your speed - if the time you finish the level with is the best, for your attention - if you didn't use a hint and for your accuracy - if you didn't make a mistake. When you get through all the levels on the continent you leave to explore another one. Before the departure you get gold or silver icon, according to your achievements on this land. These are the parts of the main trophy of the game that you get at the end of your journey. Collect all the parts of this medallion and become the World Expert of Animals! If you are not satisfied with your results you may replay all the riddles of the continent and improve your achievements. Now you have a chance to download this wonderful World Riddles: Animals absolutely for free. Don't miss a chance!

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