Word Challenge Extreme - Letter Game

Word Challenge Extreme - Letter game
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Categories: Puzzle, Word, Brain Teaser

Word Challenge Extreme - Letter game

Word Challenge Extreme is going to be a true treasure for any brain-maniac. The game represents a bunch of most popular word games. Despite the fact that this entertainment is well-known and played long by everyone, it is not less popular. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best ways to spend time profitably and interesting simultaneously. Moreover, all games in Word Challenge Extreme enable to train your brain and help learn new words in most efficient way. Game process's proved its high efficiency and highly appreciated by all English teachers because of the positive outcome that follows after playing it. Thus, it's hard to find any language instructor who doesn't use these word games or strongly advise them during his practice. Word Challenge Extreme gathers together most efficient word entertainments in one huge set. The one that has its charming and not distracting background in order to enjoy and dive in the game entirely. Word Challenge Extreme consists of 4 classic games: Hint-a-Word (wherein a player needs to hunt a word in a grid of letters), Hungman (to prevent the one from appearing on screen by guessing seven-letters word), Word Whiz (to create as many words as a player can by linking the letters from matrix to form a word), Word Jumble (guess seven-letter word or find as many words as a player can). It doesn't matter either you play alone or with other brain-teasing junkies because you will have fun in any case. The time to train your brain efficiently comes out there. Have fun and get smarter with Word Challenge Extreme!


Download Word Challenge Extreme - Letter game Download Word Challenge Extreme - Letter game Download Word Challenge Extreme - Letter game


4 word games in one set
Unlimited number of attracting levels
An ability to save game any time
Huge word lists
Letter game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 0 or better
128 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.0