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Turtix: Rescue Adventures

Turtix: Rescue Adventures - Turtle games
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Categories: Arcade, Adventure, Kids

Turtix: Rescue Adventures

Do you like platformers? All those funny heroes from your far-away childhood make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Every single detail brings you special pleasure of being involved in some bright adventure. Such moments of fun are essential elements in our life full of difficulties and misfortunes. But don't be sad as now it's time for you to try your hand in one more platfotmer. Turtix: Rescue Adventures will surprise you - it's impossible to keep calm and stay indifferent when the main hero is a little green funny turtle. Make friends with this cute animal and help him pass the levels and save the others. Jumping in the grass, collecting small yellow stars and helping other turtles will give you scores and bonuses to go on. Try to defeat all the enemies - they'll bar your way. Each of 60 levels can help you to become closer to success, but it'll only be possible if you're attentive, concentrated and ready to do your best to survive and win. Be confident and you'll accomplish more. All the tasks are the perfect challenges for you and your turtle. Capturing and absorbing Turtix: Rescue Adventures will become a nice present for you and the members of your family. Do you still think that turtles are too slow to run, jump and play with? Shake off these silly stereotypes, download Turtix: Rescue Adventures right now and spend your spare time playing and laughing. Full of surprises and little gifts this platformer will be a good addition to your collection of favorite games.
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Download Turtix: Rescue Adventures - Turtle games Download Turtix: Rescue Adventures - Turtle games Download Turtix: Rescue Adventures - Turtle games


Meet the new turtle adventures
Enjoy the classic platformer gameplay
Save little turtles
Solve puzzles to beat the level
Discover the level and find all the stars
Arise your mood listening to a positive soundtrack
Turtle games - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1
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