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The Time Machine: Trapped In Time
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The Time Machine: Trapped In Time

Are you fond of science fiction stories? And maybe you even dreamt of inventing something useful for the humanity, for example, medicine against cancer and AIDS or devices that can predict wars, catastrophes and various plagues? But machines-soothsayers still seem to be pictures from the science fiction books. If you like stories about great inventions and talented, but a little bit weird scientists, download the new game The Time Machine: Trapped In Time. The plot of the game The Time Machine: Trapped In Time is worth shooting a film: the old inventor told his young successor that many years ago he had triggered a chain of uncontrollable events and soon the consequences of the thoughtless deeds will provoke mortal plagues and unpredictable invasions. And the only way to save the world was to come back to the past and try to improve all the mistakes. Young geek found a strange machine in the old professor's laboratory, it worked, but there were some empty sockets. Go to the past with the reckless scientist and help him to find missing details for the sockets. Play the game The Time Machine: Trapped In Time and find yourself in the past: visit the cave with prehistoric tomb of the tribe chief, wander along the seashore with the wreckage of the pirate ship and even help the soldiers to strengthen the castle in the Middle Ages. Join the company of professor Filby, find the lost details of the Time Machine and prevent global catastrophes!