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Tower Builder
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Categories: Brain Teaser, Kids, Simulation

Tower Builder

Poor little Pebble! One day it played with its friends and was so careless that fell down. He flew through the canyon, slipped downward into the abyss and found itself somewhere below the sea level. In the funny game Tower Builder you are to help the unlucky Pebble! Fortunately, there are numerous stones of various colors and shapes which are ready to rescue our poor character. They offer their own "bodies" to build a tower to the magical door which symbolizes the portal to the next level. Watch out – your time is limited, however, if you are able to pass the level within even less time, you'll get a reward. Isn't it nice to get a golden coin or a ruby for your quick wits? The pleasant game Tower Builder provides you with such an opportunity. You'd better start with the tutorial where you learn how to build the towers successfully. If you think this task is easy, you should definitely try the game yourself. The stones are so light as if they are made of foam plastic or fluff. Moreover, if the next stone carelessly touches any angle of your construction, it can be easily damaged. Soon you'll face the certain difficulties – for instance, there appear the stones of the various shapes and the landscape can be also very tricky. Passing through several levels, you realize that the number of stones is limited. Certainly, you'll meet the some kinds of stones that will really be helpful. Which ones? Download the amazing brain teaser Tower Builder and find out!


Download Tower Builder Download Tower Builder Download Tower Builder


Numerous obstacles
Funny gameplay
Nice characters
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1