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Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa
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Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa

Have you heard the latest news from the world of art? An awful and mysterious crime is being discussed these days! Somebody has stolen one of the most famous and popular pieces of art – The Mona Lisa. Can you imagine that?! Nobody knows a single reason for it and has no ideas of who it could be. The only thing they know is that the person is called “Time Chameleon”. Interpol's Environmental Crimes Unit is in panic now. They need somebody's help to investigate the case as fast as possible. Still their power isn't unlimited and some new ways of investigating are required to get results in this complicated task. And believe it or not, but you're offered to act as Chief Investigator in Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa. If you agree your way won't be easy. It can even be dangerous, full of sudden discoveries. Try and collect more facts about the unfamiliar criminal and don't miss a single footprint. The cost is too high to fail. Don't lose your time and start the investigation right now. Look for the hints which can be useful to you. How far will you be brought? Your journey to the past will reveal the secrets of Taj Mahal, mysteries of Japan and other distant places. Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa is a perfect opportunity to wake up, shake off your daily routine and to travel in order to save the legend. You'll be amazed by the places and landscapes but don't forget about your aim. You chase mustn't be stopped. Put an end to the case right now with Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa.

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