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Sushi Bar Express - Free sushi game
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Sushi Bar Express

Some people have hard-to-realize and fascinating ambitions. Those dreams could be so charming that sometimes merely everyone wants to share experience of achieving them. Sushi Bar Express is a particular example of the ambition that you would like to share. Your part in Sushi Bar Express is a rookie who starts his way from a beginner in a sushi business, and doesn't know anything at all about making sushi. Under management of 2 sushi masters you are going to get experienced in this business. How to serve trays, prepare fish and shrimps, and what type of knife to use in order to cut them with ease are just a few of all things your teachers will explain to you. It seems that you have chosen the right place to start at because your tutors know everything about making sushi. The more experienced you get the less simple and ordinary orders you will receive to complete. Your way in Sushi Bar Express passes through a small cozy restaurant located somewhere far away from the big city lights and finishes in the wide-known sushi place. There you will be a master who makes sushi faster than anyone in the city. However, it will take awhile to understand all little tricks of sushi business and remember all those fascinating recipes. However, an outcome costs that! Sushi Bar Express has its charming atmosphere of a Japanese place wherein you may watch procedures of making your food, share experience and feelings about mastership of chefs with sushi-makers and other guest. So don't hesitate and dive in charming atmosphere of authentic Japanese restraint in Sushi Bar Express. And take part in the dream of one sushi-junky whose ambitions will bring him to a title of one of the best sushi masters.


Download Sushi Bar Express - Free sushi game Download Sushi Bar Express - Free sushi game Download Sushi Bar Express - Free sushi game


A variety of different recipes of sushi
Over 14 ingredients to prepare the best sushi
Adopted to enjoy playing together with the whole family
Free sushi game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
128 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0
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