Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes!

Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes!
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Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes!

Who hasn’t dreamt of a career in cinema industry? In this unique 3D hidden object game you have a chance to become a cameraman on the best sets. Observe different sets from behind the camera in search for various objects listed in your task. You work only for the best directors who like everything to be perfect on their sets. Travel to 8 wonderful locations all around the world: Paris, London, Hong Kong, Mexico, Tokyo, New York, Fiji and Hollywood. This hidden object game is outstanding since it offers you to observe the sets from 4 different angles with the help of 4 cameras. Each of them shows a different angle of the action. One camera is constantly panning side to side to get good shots. You can see the cameras on the panel below. To change cameras just click on them. For each item you find you get a star. Earn stars to finish takes and to unlock movies and locations around the world. The game gives you an insight of what the life of a cameraman is like. Moreover, it gives you a brief introduction into history of cinema by supplying you with some useful and interesting facts throughout the gameplay. Did you know that “Toy Story” released in 1995 was the first mainstream movie to use entirely computer imagery? Did you know that the “Harry Potter” film series became the highest-grossing franchise in cinema history in 2007 surpassing even the “James Bond” series? No? Then it’s your chance to know this and much more! What are you waiting for? Download 100% free game Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes! Your place is on set!


Download Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes! Download Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes! Download Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes!


8 locations
3D hidden object game
Cinema history in facts
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows /XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.5 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0