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Street Racer
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Street Racer

How about becoming a real Street Racer for a day? Or a couple of days? Weeks? Months? This game is so captivating that you will play it non-stop, we assure you. With the vivid 3D graphics and outstanding audio effects Street Racer is your never-ending entertainer. Choose the mode to your liking - be it a time race or a tournament and get started! In tournament mode you can unlock additional routes and cars. The routes come in the following order: Park District, Night City, Downtown, Industrial, Snow City, Suburbs. To unlock every next route you need to complete the previous route in tournament. The cars you can get are: Razor, Diablo and Fireball (fabulous names, simply fabulous!). You unlock a new car with every second route you complete since according to instructions you need to complete 2 routes in tournament to unlock a car. You can track your way keeping an eye on a scheme-like map. You also get notifications where you are to turn. The alerts appear in the form of red arrows showing you the right direction - very useful thing when you can't coordinate your movement with the map. Although for the first 10-15 minutes you keep bumping everywhere anyway. But that doesn't mean that the game is totally deprived of simple control. To drive your car use arrow keys. You accelerate automatically as you keep pressing on the up arrow key. There's also one more notification coming as e.g. 1/6 which means you are the first out of 6 competitors! Races are unpredictable. So everything is up to you. You can change your result and finish first! Download Street Racer totally for free right now!