Storm Neverending Night Foreword

Storm Neverending Night Foreword
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Categories: Action, Arcade, Adventure, Shooting

Storm Neverending Night Foreword

There are lots of films where all the changes that may happen in our planet are shown: so we can see that once the history can change forever. And such fateful day happened. The clear blue sky was covered with heavy clouds, blood red haze fogged the horizon. And it started raining - heavy and cold drops fell to the ground, but didn't cool it. Daylight faded and gave the way to the endless night. Horror, chaos and panic reigned in the land. It seemed that the torture will never end. And so it happened, things became even worse. Strange epidemic befell the land: the citizens wandered in the dark, they were getting insane because of fear, hunger and uncertainty and then people turned to horrible monsters and violent zombies. The Council of Europe made a decision to annihilate the centre of infection and dropped nuclear bombs on the prosperous country with its modern cities… Did anybody survive in this horror? It's curiously enough but you did. But how did you manage to stay alive after a nuclear attack, this is the question. Total loss of memory. No memories, no feelings, no emotions. In the game Storm Neverending Night Foreword you found yourself in the centre of the destroyed megalopolis. Everything around you is radioactive: water, dead mutants, rusted cars. Who are you? Where is the way from the dead city? Such questions tortured the main character during all the game Storm Neverending Night Foreword. And sooner he realized that all the inhabitants of the city became the victims of the failed experiment. The secret laboratory in the city created new biological weapons and something had gone wrong… Who encroached on the role of the Creator and killed people? Play the game Storm Neverending Night Foreword, reveal the criminals and find a vaccine with antimutagen in a secret lab in the ruined to the ground city!


Download Storm Neverending Night Foreword Download Storm Neverending Night Foreword Download Storm Neverending Night Foreword


Detailed tutorial
Breathtaking plot
Lots of locations to investigate
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1