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Steely Bird
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Steely Bird

Have you ever heard of Air Force Missions? The game isn't over and now you have one more chance to enjoy such atmosphere of constant strike with Steely Bird - a new capturing 3D game with lots of unfamiliar elements. The enemy base has been renovated, better equipped and its design leaves no chances to win. To frighten you even more the terrorists started using new weapon and explosives which are really disastrous. It won't take them long to destroy anything they would like to with such a great support. Are you sure you'll be able to stop them? If yes, then the game Steely Bird is a good challenge for you! Terrorists are weak while moving, so don't lose your chance - it's a perfect opportunity to attack them. Do this to organize an armed attack to the place where their base is located. But mind the fact that the towers' defensive forces are difficult to break. Pass each of 24 levels the game Steely Bird has prepared for you, enjoy realistic scenes of the oil burning and various objects surrounding the territory. Still be attentive: nobody knows who is hidden behind them. You'll definitely like one of 3 helicopters which are well-equipped and well-organized. With the increased difficulties the game Steely Bird provides with fun and perfect entertainment both professionals and beginners. So if you're determined to win - use any of 10 weapons, get bonuses and play alone or together with your friend. Nice choice of landscapes and vivid sounds are made to create the atmosphere of the world full of dangerous adventures. Download the game Steely Bird and there will be no time to take a breath!