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Snowy: Space Trip
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Snowy: Space Trip

Meet our cute bear again! Now it is the main character in the funniest ever game Snowy: Space Trip. The bear joins the rescue mission in the outer space and has to help the cute small aliens find their way to the spaceship. The way is predictably blocked by the stupid monsters trying to kick off our brave adventurer! Give the foolish creatures no chance to stop you! Find all the aliens on the game field and show them the way to the desired ship. You can guide them one by one or make a long line after you. Choose your tactics wisely as you'll definitely get more point for the bigger alien chain but it makes you more difficult to evade the monsters. And you don't want to lose one of your precious 100, do you? Anyway, don't forget to kick all the destroyable elements on the board - they help you to hit or damage the monsters during the funny game Snowy: Space Trip. Choose the level of difficulty which suits you most and help finish one more level. You are sure that this one is really the last - don't draw the conclusion so quickly. The game is so addictive that you'll be hardly able to stop that soon! Don't worry - enjoy the tuneful sound track and smile at funny SFX any time you want to switch off your brains from the daily routine. And this colorful game is the right thing to choose for relaxation. You definitely need some entertainment after a hard day so what are you waiting for? Download the awesome game Snowy: Space Trip totally for free right now and return all the aliens home safe and sound.