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Secret Empires of the Ancient World
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Secret Empires of the Ancient World

Try to find animals and objects skillfully hidden especially for you by the Secret Empires of the Ancient World! You need to be careful and attentive! You will get 250 points for every object found but you will lose 30 points in case you are mistaken. You have 5 lives at the beginning of the game and there are only 3 hints in every level so use them wisely! Moreover, you are pressed for time, you have 5 minutes at the beginning of every level. But don't worry you'll get extra time as soon as you find the right object. The more mysteries of the ancient you solve the more difficult it gets! The number of hidden objects will grow. Sometimes you have only shadows of the objects as a hint of what you need to find! Secret Empires of the Ancient World is a perfect time-killer as the variety of hidden objects is really impressive. Besides you can pause the game at any point you want and then you can proceed playing without losing lives, points or precious time. But the ancient civilizations have prepared not only hidden objects and animals for you but tricky puzzles as well! Secret Empires of the Ancient World is a perfect game for you if you like to solve puzzles and want to exercise your ability to concentrate. Attention is everything you need to succeed in the game. Don't disappoint the ancient civilizations of Maya, Aztec, Inca and Anasazi! Are you ready to solve the mysteries? Will you be attentive and fast enough to reveal all the secrets?

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