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Categories: Arcade, Space


Sawblaster is an outstanding arcade game created for those who would like to escape from the everyday routine. Get in the mighty battleship and start completing incredible missions. Move from one field to another and pass levels by destroying all the objects with your killing saw! Destroy boxes and metal structures. Blow fuel tanks up and watch a whole chain of blasting explosions if the fire touches the next one. Clear every field from the objects and move to the next level where you'll face even more undertaking obstacles. Beat the game Sawblaster and get the brilliant glory of the intergalactic hero! Avoid enemy guns that shoot from time to time to the random targets and pick up armor to repair ship shell. Catch numerous power-ups falling from destroyed boxes and upgrade your ship to an invincible war machine that may overtake anything in the Universe. Widen your platform and don't lose the saw – the only weapon you have. Use a magnet and get your ammo even when it's under the platform! Or load the gun and perform a massive attack to the enemy's fortifications and finish the round even faster. Catch the bonus life and enjoy the endless fun! Watch out for platform cutters and mines that make your game not so easy. Upgrade your saw and destroy all objects with a single hit. Enjoy the outstanding 3D visualization of the game Sawblaster together with the dynamic background music and SFX. The space needs new hero, so download the breathtaking arcade Sawblaster for free and bring some adrenaline to your ordinary life!


Download Sawblaster - Saw Game Download Sawblaster - Saw Game Download Sawblaster - Saw Game


6 locations
60 outstanding levels
Cool power-ups
Various upgrades
Great 3D visuals
Saw Game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent processor
128Mb RAM
Direct3D compatible 3D graphics card with 32 MB
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
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