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Rune Of Fate
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Rune Of Fate

Unexpected presents are always pleasant. But sometimes a sudden gift leads to a dizzy adventure which can change life once and forever. Experience the mysteries of ancient forefathers with the original puzzle game Rune Of Fate! A long travel through continents and ocean will thrill your imagination with beauty and magic. A grandfather leaves a box full of runes to a young girl so that she brings them back to the place they belong and breaks the curse. The game reminds mahjong in a way and you need to match similar runes and take them away. Ancient stones are put one on another and you must unlock all of them to the very bottom of construction. You are to remove dozens of circles, stacks and triangles where a single rune may be the key to win or lose the whole round. Enjoy this wonderful game and test your luck!. Pick one of 5 runes and if you uncover the magic one, all blocked stones will be settled and done. Listen to the tuneful soundtrack and relax playing this great puzzle. If you fail to move the magic rune you can simply replay the same level or shuffle the stones trying to make the round easier. Remember that the ancient curse won't let your character move further until you reveal the mystery. Get ready to use your skills to uncover necessary runes in the given amount of time. Hours of unlimited entertainment and mind breaking situations are inside this game Rune Of Fate – download it for free and have fun!