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Love's Power Mahjong
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Love's Power Mahjong

Long long ago when the oldest trees were small saplings and some of them still slept inside their seeds, there were lots of kingdoms and different fairy folks, besides humans, such as gnomes and goblins, dwarfs and trolls, elves and orcs lived there in peace and friendship. Yes, the atmosphere in Love's Power Mahjong is really fantastic. The weather was always warm and these friendly folks never knew what rain and snow was. Once, in one of these warm days, a young loving couple - pretty elfin Ariel and courageous elf Tarlan, the main characters of Love's Power Mahjong, decided to get married. They stood under a huge branchy oak and were eager to swear each other stay together for better and for worse till death did them part. But the least part of swear could easily be missed, because elves were immortal, you know. So Ariel and Tarlan were happy and they looked forward to invite all their friends and celebrate their wedding. Unfortunately such great plans didn't come true… The insidious wizard Cornwall looked at his magic crystal ball and became furious, having seen happy faces of the young beloved. Long ago young Cornwall had been a kind magician, who helped dwarfs look for hidden treasures, but these good times fell into oblivion. Now Cornwall had a plan: he wanted to bring his youth back, so he turned to witchcraft and became a necromancer. He chose Tarlan as a victim for his eerie rite and stole him from the wedding ceremony. When an evil wizard appeared, the weather spoilt immediately: it started raining and snowing and all the inhabitants of the kingdom were dumbfounded from fear. Ariel was upset, but she decided to release Tarlan in no time. Play Love's Power Mahjong, and help the elfin rescue her fiancé.


Download Love's Power Mahjong Download Love's Power Mahjong Download Love's Power Mahjong


Several types of mahjong
Hints before each mini-game
Lots of characters and backgrounds
Perfect game for girls
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 7.0
based on

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