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Plasm Defence 2
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Plasm Defence 2

Do you like stories about aliens and have you played lots of games, where the main characters are mutants and extraterrestrials? Then you'll undoubtedly like the game Plasm Defence 2! The electronic calendars show the 21st of July, 2167. The endless wars between earthmen and space invaders finally ended and the people heaved a sigh of relief. But unfortunately, peace time didn't last long - soon the managers from the Space exploration centre informed about hostile spaceships' break-in into the airspace of the planet Earth. And everybody suspected that their intentions were not friendly at all. The most respectable scientists, politics and spacemen organized the Secret Council, which was responsible for the investigation of unknown spaceships and peaceful settlements of every possible conflict. The Council decided to examine the spaceships' shell more properly and all of the members were terrified. The metal alloy was ordinary, lots of the similar spaceships were launched into orbit from the Earth. Where could the aliens get the spaceships from the Earth? The old reports and archives were discovered and everybody remembered the catastrophe that had happened 10 years ago. Three modern well-equipped spaceships didn't come back from the expedition, the signal to their ships wasn't lost, but their portable radio transmitters were silent. The scientists on the Earth were puzzled about the circumstances happened to the crew in space. Why the extraterrestrials didn't react on earthly attempts to communicate? Were the members of lost crew turned into zombies by the malicious aliens? There were lots of questions without answers in the game Plasm Defence 2. Play the game Plasm Defence 2 and try to reveal all uncertain fragments of the space history!