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Spirit Of Wandering
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Spirit Of Wandering

Ahoy! Are you ready for a catching adventure? A great game for all daredevils Spirit Of Wandering is waiting for you! Spirit Of Wandering is a huge ship where the brave crew headed by the captain Jack and his beloved bride plough the seas and look for hidden treasures. But during the night before the wedding the accident happened: the ghostly ship named Flying Dutchman appeared from nowhere and attacked Jack's vessel. When the girl woke up next morning, she was alone and decided to seek for her bridegroom. You should help young woman to find her love. The girl has two artifacts - a magic orb that unveils hidden things and a compass that shows direction not to the north but to the things mostly desired. You should help her collect needed items in certain places. Some things are "cherished" and you can find them only looking through the orb. If you cannot find one of the items, use the compass, but beware - each hint from the compass will cost 50 gold coins. If you just touch the screen, you will be penalized and lose 1 coin. As you find all necessary items to summon a spirit of one of your past crewmates, it will guide you to the treasure. You should collect as much gold as you can to reveal the way to girl's most lusted find: her bellowed man. Each new game stage is even harder to pass than the previous one. Every scene is drawn by a talented artist so you will like both pictures and riddles. Read the diary of the girl carefully - you will reveal interesting story and get some useful information from it. Download the ravishing Match 3 game Spirit Of Wandering - enjoy adventures and treasure-hunting!