Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor - Diving Game

Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor - Diving game
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Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor - Diving game

It is unknown yet what we are going to do when we get old. However, there is a man who has felt all his life that he is going to search for lost treasures in order to become famous. Let us introduce an eccentric American multimillionaire Charles Johnson in the game Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor. And there is nothing in the entire world he wants to get more than the famous "Diamond Medal" that, according to the rumors, contains the largest flawless diamond in the world. This treasure used to be given to the most honorable Samurai in the Emperors' court until it disappeared in 1756 during a palace robbery. To say the least, despite the fact that this treasure is over 800 years old, and contains 96 diamond carats, it is just merely priceless for any museum. However, it is more than just invaluable diamond for Charles Johnson, because it's become his true passion, he's been looking for Diamond medal for long years. And now when he feels that his days go to the end, he decides to focus all his attention on search for this priceless treasure. Your part in Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor is one of the best treasure hunter hired by Charles Johnson. He used to send you in any place in the world where it was any little sign of Diamond Medal. Unfortunately, wherever you go, you got out of luck. Until one day Charles Johnson has received a letter from a Hawaiian friend. According to the letter, Diamond Medal was found in Hawaii at the turn of the century. After further searches, it's become clear that it's likely to be true. By the way, since the multimillionaire of Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor merely has no time that means that you will be time-limited, too. Thus, impatient Charles Johnson sends you to Hawaii in order to find his biggest passion before someone else does it.
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Download Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor - Diving game Download Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor - Diving game Download Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor - Diving game


Charming gameplay to force you continue playing until the very end
Fascinating Hawaiian mystery
Strong detailed graphics
Thousands items to find until you get Diamond Medal
Diving game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM