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Paradise Beach
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Paradise Beach

The new game Paradise Beach is a unique opportunity for you to relax and have a brainstorm at the same time. While occupied with pleasant activities you make other people happy! What do you have to do? A lot of things, actually! You are to create, develop and manage the beaches on various islands. The previous owner of the resort seems a little bit tired of the years of routine and is eager to find some enthusiast who wishes to earn some money and get experience. By chance, he and his cute granddaughter have chosen you! Don't catch a star fever – you are to work hard to fulfill their numerous tasks and gain their confidence. Actually, your main aim is to please the exact amount of clients – this means to earn the green smiles which appear above their heads. However, if they are not pleased click on the red or yellow smiles, try to do your best and improve something in your beach. In the game Paradise Beach the clients may want to be provided with the facilities, increase the amount of vegetation or remove trash from the territory. To make things even more complicated, the amount of money is limited and you often run out of it. No matter how you are going to upgrade and improve your beach until you fulfill all the tasks in time and make satisfied as many clients as possible. Enjoy the stunning game Paradise Beach right now absolutely for free and try the resort owner's boots! Check out what level you can achieve and have fun!