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Take on a cunning dragon in this logic puzzle. OTTF is a checkers game unlike any other - you must use your analytical skills to discover where the checkers must be placed to avoid certain defeat. Only with careful planning and strategy can you solve all seventy levels that ship with this unique new puzzler. OTTF comes with a beautiful soundtrack which truly sets the mood for the challenges you will face. The hand-crafted visuals and clean interface make this original puzzle game the perfect addition to the library of an avid fan of the genre or a first time user. Unlike the many sudoku clones which are tiresome and repetitive, OTTF features a brand new puzzle with rules that are easy to learn, but which will take long to completely master. You must use all of your mental acuity to accurately match the tiles to their correct locations to proceed to the next stage. Even more, OTTF is the perfect game to play with friends or on your own! There are two game modes to choose from - a relaxing free mode, or a challenging timed mode. In timed mode, your scores are added to an online leaderboard of the top players across the globe. Do you have what it takes to reach the top and become the ultimate player? Download OTTF today and find out!

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