One Way Ticket 2

One Way Ticket 2 - Zombie attack game
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Categories: Action, Shooting

One Way Ticket 2

What can be better than walking around the cemetery on Friday the 13th! A shiver go up and down your body and there is no escape from fear.The night is so dark and wolves are howling somewhere near the grave stones! You can see someone, but it's not a man any more - but a walking dead body! Zombies are all around and they wish to have a dinner and that dinner is going to be you! One Way Ticket 2 will provide you with a chance to shoot all the zombies that exist here. They are moving fast like animals and they are as wild and starving for flesh as you saw in horror movies. The good news is that you are equipped with a machine gun and can see them in the dark. Those who faced them before you were killed probably, but some managed to fight back. The only possible way to get rid of this bunch of zombies is to destroy their bodies. The best way to defeat the walking corps is to move all the time otherwise they surround you and you are one of them in a minute! One Way Ticket 2 is an action movie where the main character is you and there is no other way to escape the place but to become the winner. Be faster and cleverer than all those sacks with rotten flesh. They came out from their graves and decided to attack humans - you have a nerve! Never let them do that again and be quick to feed them with a good portion of burning bullets! Grab the gun and don't forget your courage as you'll see lots of monstrous creatures from hell in One Way Ticket 2! Download for free now and enjoy this shooting anti-zombie campaign!
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Download One Way Ticket 2 - Zombie attack game Download One Way Ticket 2 - Zombie attack game Download One Way Ticket 2 - Zombie attack game


Most frightful monsters
Various weapons
Dynamic animation
Zombie attack game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
Processor 0 or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 7.0
based on

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